about us
We are In Management. We are a representation agency that was born thanks to the restlessness of Aida Domenech's (Dulceida) and Anna Pascual and the unconditional support of Jordi Romero, the company administrator.

Our team relies on a group of 16 different profiles that between them reach more than 5 million followers. We prioritize the generation of high quality content for national and international clients.

The mission of In Management is to unite great brands with their final consumers through a network of powerful and irreplaceable online content creators. The bond, and indeed the friendship, between the different profiles enhances the results of working together.

In Management trives to create a link between a brand and the influencer through mutual respect and good work. Special care is taken by the influencer to satisfy the brand whilst never forgetting the most important person, the final consumer, the unconditional fan who supports them.